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Welcome to the Shoe Portal!

Hey there! Welcome to Shoes Promo Code. I keep updated pages for different brands and shoe stores full of shoe coupon deals on this page and on other pages on this site. If you’re looking for a certain brand here’s a list of the different lists I keep updated:




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Shoes for Crews

Thanks for visiting today. I’ve done a lot of research on shoes in general and buy my shoes online most of the time rather than going in stores, simply because with shoe promo codes it’s so much less expensive than paying full price, or slightly discounted prices in stores.

Updated Promo Codes

You can really save a lot of money if you are willing to wait for a great shoes coupon code. Some stores have up to 40% off sometimes! You can count on this site to have updated accurate deals on the above brands. I’m also considering adding more brands, so let me know if there is any other shoe stores in particular you’d like me to keep track of the deals and maybe I can add it to the list above. It’s kind of nice to have a hub that you can even bookmark if you buy shoes a lot. It can get old quick to search high and low across the internet for the best deal because it seems like theres hundreds of coupon sites nowadays, and the real pain in the rear is that a lot of the coupons they list just don’t work. They must either be expired, or maybe the person who submitted the coupon on those group aggregated coupon sites put one in that was never working in the first place. I don’t really know why they’d do that, but hey it’s the internet, people are weird. Maybe their hobby is trolling shoe shoppers with fake coupons? You never know online.

Anyway, for homepage at the top, I feature promo codes and they carry a lot of different brands. I really like shopping with them because usually the shoes coupon codes they release are a pretty deep discount (20-30%) and then I can browse at my leisure across different brands. They are a pretty large retailer, not quite as big as zappos those. Man that company is incredible. Did you ever hear the story of how Zappos began? Nick Swinmurn founded the company in 1999 after he was looking for a certain pair of shoes in a mall in San Francisco. But it was just troublesome, he’d find a pair that had the right color, but… then it wouldn’t fit his foot. He walked around the mall in different stores, and the selection was just pretty limited because he was picky — right size but wrong color etc. This was long before there was any central hub to buy shoes online like there is today. I mean… there were some mom and pop operations, but still they had a limited selection. So he decided to start Zappos! And then more and more shoe conglomerates opened up shop online as individual brands like nike/vans etc shifted their marketing strategies online too. Actually a few years later actually bought zappos! Pretty cool to absorbed into the everything store!

I think it’s kind of a neat story, but I’ve gotten a bit off track. I was originally talking about not zappos, and to be honest I haven’t even taken the time to create a list for zappos discounts. It’s mostly because I think the other stores I listed above generally have better deals on shoes that I prefer. But I’m sure you could find some zappos shoes promo codes around another website. is pretty lucky to have gotten the domain! Promo codes are featured often too, so I think they are really doing a good job with their business.

Ever heard of Barefoot Running Shoes?

There was a time in about 2011 when I was really into barefoot running shoes. Do you remember those weirdo things? They had little slots for each one of your toes, and they fit like a glove for your foot. THEN when you ran around with them it kind of felt like you were running barefoot. I think generally people thought of people who wore them as pretty weird because they looked so completely strange. I had a few pairs and certainly got a weird look or two in my time wearing them.

But then again they were really unique for runners and people who were having Plantar fasciitis issues. Some people say they helped their flatfootedness issues, but then again sometimes the sensation of walking barefoot actually makes that pain flare up more so it’s definitely a personal choice thing that might help some but not help others.

Still, it was so weird and neat to run down the street wearing those barefoot vibram fivefingers, because it really felt like you were running barefoot! It was kind of fun secret privilege.

Skater Shoes

I had another shoe phase where I got really into DC shoes and Vans. I wasn’t even a skater! haha!!! But I dunno, I just loved the feel of really chunky soft topped skater shoes. They are really nice because once you lace them up beforehand, you can just slip them on and off without having to tie your shoes. I admit, for being a shoe fan— I’m not a huge fan of tying laces, it’s just so time consuming.

Velcro and Heelies

Even when I was a kid, I prefered those velcro shoes over laced up sneakers. Although… the true shoe that took the cake when I was a kid were heelies (I think that’s how to spell it?) It combined my hobby of roller blading with every day wear because you could lean back on the heel of your shoe and a little wheel would roll you along— super fun for a kid!!!!

Hmm now that I think about it, I also kind of liked those light up shoes that sparked up when you walked or stomped around. Nowadays there are dancers on youtube that perform wearing those light up sneakers and it really adds something to their dancing imo.

Well I’ve rambled on a lot about shoes and my history haha but remember, if you want to keep track of any of shoes promo codes for the specific brands or shoes stores that I update lists on, you can bookmark the pages. Each of the pages is linked above.